Our Quality Policy

As Hidtek;

  • We offer quality, price, delivery time, pre-sale and after-sale services and payment conditions of the products and the materials that we produce and sale as expected by the seller or the end user.
  • We aim to minimize the impact of quality on sales prices while achieving quality targets.
  • For our company, quality is a process and we improve and renew ourselves in accordance with the current conditions and changing demands.
  • Quality and material qualification are the most important criteria in the selection of raw materials and semi-materials used in the products we produce.
  • We increase variety and quality of imported products and ensure that they have quality certificates and they will enhance our presence in our target markets.
  • We aim to maintain our continuity in the sector and increase our market share by following technological developments and new product studies closely.
  • We take into consideration opinions and thoughts of the employees in the solution of problems, improvement of the processes by benefitting from their experiences.
  • In line with the continuous improvement principle of our organization, we aim at ensuring the effective participation of employees with a sense of responsibility

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Being a role model in our sector through our way of manufacturing, service and application while continuously expending our market.



Being an organisation that creates value for our country, society, customers and employees.


Corporate Culture

Behaviors that our employees are proud to have and share are defined our corporate culture.

These are;

  • Following outstanding work ethics and honest work principles
  • Complying with laws and public decency
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cooperation and interdependence
  • Being open to continuous improvement and change
  • Devoted will to work without compromise on product and quality
  • Deployment of resources
  • Acting in concert with the consciousness of environmental protection